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1709 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-6103

Invest in Women and Girls

To unlock the full potential of women and girls, we need a global coalition of people willing to help solve the problems that hold women and girls back. When you support, you join thousands of donors, volunteers, and community activists across the world. Their collective belief in the power of women and girls runs deep. And we know yours does too.

Support Girls

For just $25, you can sponsor two girls' participation in a Dream It, Be It career mentoring program.

Support Single Moms

For just $50, you help a single mom with education-related expenses like textbooks, childcare, or tuition. 

Support a Family

For $100, you can help a woman in our Live Your Dream Awards program pay for her family's basic needs.

Walk for Women

Available only for a limited time! Purchase your official Walk for Women apparel via 

Every purchase supports our that empower women and girls. 

The design features the #WhyIWalk hashtag and powered by Soroptimist logo on the back!


This March, let's move for a mission! Join's Walk for Women by setting your personal walking goal and sharing why you support women with the #WhyIWalk hashtag. 

Your participation supports and our parent organization, Soroptimist, a global nonprofit that invests in gender equality through education so women and girls can live their dreams.

Walk for Women T-Shirts


Wear it with pride and purpose!

Set Your Goal

Whether it's 5 minutes a day or a full 5K, your goal is your own! You don't even have to walk—you could do chair exercises, seated marching, toe lifts, or whatever feels comfortable. 

Share Your #WhyIWalk

Take a minute to reflect on why empowering women and girls matters to you, then share on social media with the #WhyIWalk hashtag! We have post templates below to help you get started.

Make It Count

Undertaking a walking challenge can make a real difference! When you do peer-to-peer-peer fundraiser or make a donation, you'll be demonstrating your solidarity AND changing the lives of women in need.

About the Walk for Women

The Walk for Women is a worldwide event during the month of March to celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day (March 8). Everyone can participate—just get moving and share your #WhyIWalk! Help us spread awareness about the stories, struggles, and strength of women!




At, we are dedicated to ensuring women and girls have the opportunity to reach their full potential, be free from violence, and live their dreams. 

In partnership with Soroptimist volunteers, we empower women and girls through access to education. In the process, we're helping address issues that hold women back, such as discrimination, domestic violence, trafficking, and unplanned pregnancy.



"I was a victim of domestic abuse and became a single mom of three kids. As a result of that and Covid, I also lost my job. But despite those circumstances, I fought to pursue my education. The Live Your Dream Award I received offered hope and prevented me from having to drop out of school. Thank you to everyone who makes these dreams possible!"

Get Involved

Thank You to Our Past Partners

Interested in partnering? Let's connect.


Use #WhyIWalk on Social Media


Sharing a piece of my heart this Women's History Month. Join me in the #LYDWALKFORWOMEN movement, where we stride together toward a future of equality and empowerment. Let's make a difference, one step at a time. Learn more at

This Women's History Month, I am taking steps to break down gender barriers and empower women. Join me in the #LYDWALKFORWOMEN movement and let's uplift women and girls together!

The Walk for Women is more than a virtual walk - it's for my sister, my friends, and every woman who deserves the tools and guidance to reach her full potential. Join me in supporting and the Walk for Women movement, making a difference one step at a time. #WhyIWalk #LYDWalkforWomen

Walking to empower women through education with because every woman's journey deserves the chance to be extraordinary.#WhyIWalk #LYDWalkforWomen

Why do you walk? Do you walk for equality? For the future? Do you walk because of the challenges you faced? Perhaps it's to honor a woman who inspired you. Perhaps it's to inspire others.

We each have our own reason why we walk for women. 

Share yours on social media with the #WhyIWalk hashtag to join a vibrant community rallying for women and girls this March!