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Around the world, girls face similar obstacles: self-esteem, body image, family obligations and expectations, abuse and exploitation, violence and bullying, and insufficient adult and peer support.


Inspire adolescent girls to overcome these obstacles by encouraging them to be resilient, letting them know they’re not alone, or sharing words of wisdom that helped you overcome obstacles.

How You Can Help

Write an inspirational message to girls! Messages will be shared with girls who participate in Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls.

How it Works

When you sign in, you'll get a link to our inspirational vision board for girls. Draft a personalized message, share a quote, or upload a meaningful image. Messages are approved before posting.

Girls can be anything they can dream. 
They just need someone to show them the way.

By sending a message of encouragement to girls in our Dream It, Be It mentoring program, you remind them that their hopes—and struggles—are valid. Show these girls that there are people who believe in their power. Offer a kind word of advice or simply share an inspiring quote you love.

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Helping girls unlock their full potential.

With support from from people like you—generous volunteers, advocates, and donors—we're moving the needle on gender equality with our global programs that invest in the education dreams of women & girls.

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